By solid returns and low risk, wine is a better investment than both real estate and stocks. We take care of you and your investment from beginning to end.

What we do

Tradeuniverst is a solid alternative investment as it combines a stable return with low risk. Wine constitutes a solid base in every sound investment portfolio because Tradeuniverst investments perform better in times of crisis than most other investment.


Tradeuniverst is a first in class trading firm to offer a simulated ‘funded trader’ program to full time traders. We have unique 1-Step and 2-Step Challenges to evaluate traders before they get access to a simulated ‘funded’ account.


360% RIO

Period of Investment 6 Hours
Min Investment PLN 200
Max Investment PLN 2000
Withdrawal Interval 10 Hours
MIN Package

150% RIO

Period of Investment 10 Hours
Min Investment PLN 2500
Max Investment PLN 25000
Withdrawal Interval 10 Hours
GOLD Package

400% RIO

Period of Investment 20 Hours
Min Investment PLN 30000
Max Investment PLN 350000
Withdrawal Interval 10 Hours

Welcome to Tradeuniverst

We’re a prop firm that provides you with hands-on experience in the trading world. With more knowledge, skills and experience, you can make profitable trades without risking your own capital.

  • How Do I Begin?

    Make sure you have read our trading rules. You can checkout on this webpage and input any discount coupon you may have. Once you have passed the assessment we set you up with a funded* account. Simple..

  • What payment option are available?

    We accept all major credit cards, bank wire, along with several crypto currencies.

  • Time limit?

    Like the program explains, there is no time limits on this program! Neither minimum or maximum. Your your funded future is yours with us, no time limits, or anything holding you back!

  • Do We Allow Scaling?

    Yes, we absolutely do. There are two options to scale your account. The first option is to leave some profit on your withdrawal date in your account. The leftover amount will help increase your daily drawdown limit. The second option is Mavens ranking feature, where you can get certain benefits for a certain amount of payouts reached within one funded* account. For further information contact our support team

  • How Do I Get My Withdrawal?

    We offer two different withdrawal options, however crypto is the most popular, cheapest and quickest option. Deel is able to withdraw directly into your banking account, however we require you to have at least $1000 in profit split available. Anything below $1000 may incur additional charges. You simply put in your Withdrawal Request on the Dashboard and the system will automatically calculate your withdrawal based on your account type and ranking. The Account will then be reset after the withdrawal has been completed..